CS to Institute a New Zero Tolerance Policy

On March 14, CEO Tony Espinoza, in response to a post by a CS ambassador, posted “I believe the single biggest thing we can do to improve safety on CS is to enable every surfer and every host to provide confidential feedback to us directly. In April we will be rolling out such a system. The move to zero tolerance is no joke.” (This post is publicly viewable on the the Ambassadors Group.)

An email from CEO Tony Espinoza to JVH and posted on  JVH’s blog under the title “Zero Tolerance,” also mentions a zero tolerance policy.

On March 16, CEO Tony Espinoza, in response to a post by a CS ambassador, posted: “I’ve said a lot about Safety. Members who receive negative references or are reported to CS by confidential safety report will be removed without notice or appeal.”

It is not yet clear how the new zero tolerance policy will be carried out, such as if the deletions are automatic or if they will be reviewed on a more individual basis. In addition, some CS users are concerned that such a policy would lead to one or more of the following: (1) enable users to anonymously report one another in a malicious manner; (2) that users accused of being safety threats would be unable to share their side of the story and defend themselves against unfounded claims of being a safety threat; (3) in the cases where a CS user has been accused of committing a crime against another CS user, such as sexual assault or fraud, that information needed to warn other CS users, such as profile photos, will be lost; (4) users fears of leaving a warranted negative and receiving a retaliatory negative in return will be increased.



Ambassadors Group (Publicly viewable to anyone logged into the CS website): https://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=2125

Ambassadors Group thread titled “Direct Discussion with Tony Espinoza (CEO)”:

JVH’s Blog: http://kingsofcouchsurfing.blogspot.com/


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