Couchsurfing vs BeWelcome vs Hospitality Club

(This post is a work in progress. If you know of any other links or information that I should add here that objectively compares any of the three hospex sites, please leave a comment and let me know. I am currently only a member of CS and don’t have any experience with HC or BW. Thank you!)

Among the group of CS users that are upset about the current CS controversies and how CSHQ is handling them, many are creating profiles on BeWelcome, another hospitality exchange website. BeWelcome already has a memberbase of its own, including users from a wave of  ex-CS users who arrived when CS first went for-profit. In addition, it is said to have been started by ex-Hospitality Club (HC) members who were dissatisfied with Hospitality Club.

Here are some links that I will later summarize when I get more information:

CouchSurfing vs BeWelcome

Hospitality Exchange Comparison Table
(Please note that this one is hosted on the BW website and its language tends to favor BW.)

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