Recommended Reading List

This recommended reading list contains articles and primary sources that I think are important to check out in order to get a well-rounded view of the current CS controversy. However, please note that my including a link here does NOT mean that I endorse the views of the author(s).


“Couchsurfing faces backlash from some members after censorship charges”
Written by Scott – Published March 9, 2013
Scott’s summary: Couchsurfing has come under fire from some members who say the site is trying to censor them. Recently banned users and CEO Tony Espinoza discuss the charges.

“Why I’ve Stopped Hosting CouchSurfers”
Written by Roy – Published January 11, 2013
The post is about the changing culture of CS and why the author has become dissatisfied with it. The blog contains other posts on CS, but this is the post that is currently being shared among some CS users.

Couch$urfing Legacy Council
Website covering stories related to CS.


The Kings of CouchSurfing blog
JVH’s blog. He’s one of the deleted CS ambassadors.

CouchSurfing Knowledge Base
Has information and links related to CS’s finances and more.
This site covers stories related to CS going for-profit and CS members objections to this development. Because CS ultimately went for-profit, the authors of the blog decided to archive it on April 24, 2012.

Reddit (/r/CouchSurfing)



Terms of Use (ToU policy):

Community Guidelines:

Community Safety and Profile Deletion
By Rachel diCerbo, Safety Team Coordinator at CouchSurfing International – Published March 1, 2013

Member Removal: Is Couchsurfing Censoring the Community by Removing Outspoken Members?
By Tony Espinoza, CEO of Couchsurfing – Published March 7, 2013


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